About the Plan

This media table is a nice traditional looking piece with straight, square lines but with a few key details that really give it some great visual interest. The legs protrude through the top of the table and the material carries through horizontally to tie everything together. The legs are made from 1″ thick material and the rest is made from typical 3/4″ material. It’s a 3 sided box to allow for the storage of a speaker underneath and media players on the shelf (in my case it was a blu-ray player and stereo). Overall dimensions of the table are 1′-10″ wide, 1′-1/4″ deep, and 1’8-1/4″ tall. This could be easily scaled too in order to fit your needs.

Checkout the full build article here: https://www.jackmanworks.com/custom-media-table/

Plans Include:

  • Single PDF document for the entire build
  • 17 detailed pages
  • Full materials and tools list
  • Full parts list with dimensioned parts
  • 3d renderings of each part and assembly
  • Full instructions list
  • Link to build videos and build articles

Plan Set Sheet List: Cover sheet, Tools & Materials, Colored 3D Renderings, Colored 2D Views, Parts List 1, Parts List 2, Parts List 3, Parts List 4, Subassembly – Table Top, Subassembly – Sub-Top, Subassembly – Side Panel, Subassembly – Front Panel, Assembly Instructions 1, Assembly Instructions 2, Assembly Instructions 3, Assembly Instructions 4, Assembly Instructions 5

Materials White oak board, reclaimed beech board, Brass screen, Biscuits, Wood glue, Dowels, Waterlox tung oil finish
License Single use license, not for professional use.
File Types PDF