About the Plan

Beach Inspired Resin Glow Table with Embedded Sand Dollars

In these plans, you will receive:

-93 page pdf with photo illustrations for each step.

-Material List.

-Tool List I Used along with recommendations for alternate Tools

-Woodworking Tips & Techniques.

-Full Companion Video of Project.

Table Description

In this project, I make a beach inspired, live edge epoxy resin river glow table.

The live edge river table top is made with live edge cypress wood with a light tone and rests on custom made hairpin legs. 

The cypress wood leads down to an epoxy river that runs through the length of the table.

The bottom epoxy layer of the river contains green phosphorescent pigment (glow powder) followed by a layer of sand and sand dollars. The phosphorescent pigment shines through the sand and sand dollars with a subtle glow.

The top epoxy layers are slightly tinted with translucent blue dye and this, combined with the green glow that shines from the bottom, creates a color closely resembling the Emerald Coast.

This hand crafted table has a smooth, matte finish for a natural look.

This table can be used as a computer desk, entryway table, couch table, or accent table.

The table dimensions are 45” x 19.75” x 30″ x 2”. (Length x Width x Height (floor to top of table) x Thickness).

Materials Epoxy Resin, Sand, Hairpin Legs, Glow Powder, Pigment Powder
License Single Use License. Not for professional use or Resale
File Types pdf