About the Plan

This was created after being asked by my oldest granddaughter for an easel when she was 3. However when I mentioned this to my artist wife, she didn’t like the idea of those child water color paints running down the easel and making a mess.

So after some idea sharing we came up with this art table.

The table is 36″ long x 23 1/4″ wide. We chose this size is because we chose to use melamine as the work space for cleaning purposes.

It sits 4 inches off the floor or a table top if you choose to place it on a table. We have found if it sits on the floor that our younger grandchildren actually feel comfortable enough to climb on it and sit while they color.

Materials 36" x 23 1/4" Melamine, 1x6x8 dimensional lumber , Oak Dowels, 2x4x8, 1x3x8 pine
License Single use license, not for professional use or sale.
File Types PDF plan includes step by step diagrams, detailed shopping lists and cut lists