About the Plan

This plan first appeared on Build Something as a King Size Bed plan.  However, since it was my very first bed build, the design wasn’t the most efficient and it had a few design flaws along the way.  You can still find the King Size Plans for this bed over there (see this post:https://www.woodshopdiaries.com/diy-farmhouse-storage-bed/ ) , but I’ve since built a few more beds and with my additional experience, I was able to redesign this bed in a queen size without those initial design flaws.  


This 24 page PDF plan includes detailed 3D renderings, cut list, plywood cut diagrams, and step by step procedure for how to assemble a Queen size storage bed with two drawers built into the foot board.  This plan shows how to assemble this bed in pieces so that it is easy to assemble and disassemble if it needs to move.  


Overall dimensions can be seen here:

As lumber costs vary by location, it is difficult to estimate your cost to build this.  With my local lumber prices, it was about $300 in lumber plus approx $50 in hardware.  Your cost may vary based on your location.  BASIC list of materials for this build is:

2 ¼ sheets ¾” plywood

¼ sheet ¼” plywood

(8) 2x6x10 boards

(1) 2x6x8 board

(11) 1x4x8 boards

(3) 2x2x8 boards

(2) 2x4x8 boards

2 ½” wood screws

2” wood screws

1 ¼” wood screws

1 ¼” pocket hole screws

2 ½” pocket hole screws

(2) pair 22” drawer slides

Bed Rail Brackets

Materials see description above
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